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FoneReaders are the thinnest, lightest and most durable reading glasses in the world. FoneReaders are always with you since the included case can be easily attached to your phone or carry in your wallet or purse. You’ve seen the alternatives; a pair in every room, draped around your neck (that most awesome of fashion accessories) or trying to find a convenient place to keep them close when pockets are at a premium. If you go the pair in every room route, how many pairs will you need to buy? If you’re willing to make the around your neck on a tether sacrifice how much time and effort do you put into the decision-making process and will it ever be just right for every occasion?
Please note: We do not ship to the United States, Canada, China or Taiwan.

A Better View

Easily fits in your pocket, purse, wallet and more. You can even attach it to your phone. As thin as two credit cards and lighter than a coin.



Designed to bend without breaking
Ultra-flexible titanium alloy bridge made from Nitinol (10x more elastic than spring steel). Independent-suspension nose pads ensure a universally comfortable and stable fit. Styled shatter-proof polycarbonate frames

Ultra-Thin Cases

Small enough to fit in your wallet, purse, pocket or even stick it to your phone! Or choose a phone case, fits most iPhone and Samsung Models.

Pure Vision

Available in three strengths
+1.50 – also fits +1.25 to +1.75
+2.00 – also fits +1.75 to +2.25
+2.50 – also fits +2.25 to +2.75
Optical-grade polycarbonate lenses (same as high-end prescription glasses)
Full size revolutionary lenses allow for extended use

Looking for your next pair of Reading Glasses?

The Universal Pod and Reading Glasses sticks to your phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Flexible and designed to bend without breaking. Mobile Protective soft-touch coating and ultra-thin pods for iOS / AndroidSimply snap our protective case onto your iPhone or Galaxy phone and never be separated from your reading glasses again.

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Please note: We do not ship to the United States, Canada, China or Taiwan.

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